What is included in a package? 

All my sessions include my time photographing you and your family as well as an online gallery with all of your images and a post on this blog to share with your friends. The online gallery will contain EVERY SINGLE “good” photo we take during your session fully edited in BOTH colour and black and white. When I am editing the photos I ask myself, “if this was my family would I want this photograph?” and if the answer is yes I provide it to you. Your personalized online gallery will include a print release and download pin which allows you to download all the images onto your computer. In summation, I do not provide prints in attempts of keeping your costs down I allow you to print my images anywhere you feel comfortable doing and in any medium you desire (canvas, photobook, print etc.). Keep in mind these images have already been edited so when seeking printing be sure to click “NO” to colour correction or my images will be altered and you may not be happy with the result.  This is an INCREDIBLE deal and you will be hard pressed to find another professional photographer that grants this. So why do I do it? Because I have a family too and it kills me to think how many great photos of them are sitting in a file somewhere on someones computer because my session was limited to 10 images.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! A lot of photographers provide full style guides with rules such as “no logos or crazy patterns.” But, I want to capture YOU so wear what you feel comfortable in, they are YOUR photos and will be going on your wall. The trend right now is to wear complimenting colours but not perfectly match (the white t-shirt and jeans look went out a few years ago). Below are some examples of families that nailed the coordinated look. If you are really stuck on outfits, look around the space you want to hang the photo and ask yourself what colours would look good in that space?