Snow Paint

Today Grandma came over to enjoy some snow painting/snow fort building with us. Sometimes I have to chuckle at the irony of my lack of family photos. I started learning about photography so that I would have “nice photos” of my kids growing up…however more often than not I default to using my cell phone … More Snow Paint

Christmas 2016

I love Christmas, it is the second best holiday of the year in my opinion (Thanksgiving is number 1 in my books…family and great food without the pressure of gifts). This year we mixed things up a bit which was nice.  Christmas at my mother in laws place and then boxing day at my parents. … More Christmas 2016

{A Baby Shower}

About 7 years ago now (*Gulp* I kinda hope I did that math wrong…holy moly time flies) I was sitting in Spanish class at MacEwan University. I was cautiously sitting in the back row judging up the class. I knew there would be a lot of group work and was wondering who I would be … More {A Baby Shower}

{Let Them Eat Cake}

My daughter recently turned one so we took a “trip down the rabbit hole” and did an Alice in Wonderland (Or Maddy in One-derland) themed cake smash. I can’t believe she is a year old already. It feels like yesterday that I was incredibly pregnant waddling around Taste of Edmonton…now she is walking and talking. … More {Let Them Eat Cake}