Snow Paint

Today Grandma came over to enjoy some snow painting/snow fort building with us. Sometimes I have to chuckle at the irony of my lack of family photos. I started learning about photography so that I would have “nice photos” of my kids growing up…however more often than not I default to using my cell phone and rarely pull out my Canon for “a day in the life.” I am trying to make an effort though so hopefully this section of my site will improve in the coming months.

Jacob has been asking to build snow forts since the first day there was snow back in the fall. It was pretty tough as there wasn’t much to work with today and what was there was like small ice crystals and not good for building much of anything. Jacob was insistent that he wanted “a BIG snowhouse with a fire place” so grandma and I got to work building up the walls of the fort while he brought us more snow using his big trucks. As soon as we finished, Mr. Penguin as he now shall be called belly flopped on the wall. He immediately starting howling in laughter and got up and belly flopped on another part of the wall. Once the wall was destroyed we dug out the snow paint and had some more fun.

If you have never snow painted before DO IT!!! I went to the dollar store yesterday and picked up some spray bottles for $1.25 each. Fill them with  water & food colouring and Voila! Have fun colouring the snow. Mr. Penguin had a blast with it! Then we came inside and enjoyed some hot choco. I wish I had some photos of that however my house is still a disaster from Christmas and I didn’t need photos to remind me it was time to clean haha!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!



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