Best Moments of 2016: Part 1

July 5, 2016 was the day I decided to take photography from hobby to profession. I have been photographing families for over 5 years, but suddenly-almost literally overnight- I felt ready to  jump and start taking steps towards creating a legitimate photography business. I am so glad that I did. The last 6 months have been a whirlwind. I have photographed over 50 families and 3 partial weddings in just over 20 weeks. My goal continues to be capturing the beauty of an ordinary life yet over the last 6 months I have realized more than ever that there really is no such thing as “an ordinary life” we all live extraordinary lives in different ways.  I have photographed new beginnings and people preparing for the goodbyes.  The goodbyes have been the hardest. It is surreal looking at my photographs knowing what they may represent one day. Taking on this work, I never in a million years thought I would be photographing the goodbyes but I photographed many.


I’ve always said there is nothing better than photographing two people in love and I really mean it. Every time I attend a wedding (as a guest or photographer) I am taken back to the day I stood before my friends and family and vowed to love and stand by my best friend forever.  I have almost been married for 5 years and not a day goes by where I am not incredibly grateful to have that man by my side.

Some of my favorite wedding shots from 2016


Now lets not forgot all the people I photographed these year who are still so clearly in love well past the wedding day.


Have I mentioned lately that I HATED being pregnant? Cause man I hated it. But, there is something to be said about photographing pregnant women.  I hated being pregnant because nothing fit, I was sore all the time (or puking or both), I couldn’t sleep, I got sick if I drank coffee and migraines if I didn’t etc….BUT I loved the sense of “what if” the days spent feeling movements thinking who are you going to be? What are you going to be? The days spent dreaming of all the things I wanted to do with my babies, places I wanted to take them, lessons I wanted to teach them. To me, THAT is what maternity photography is about…the wonder, the excitement, the “what-if”, the joy of a growing family and new possibilities.


This year I was blessed to hold and photograph some BRAND new babies. It’s an odd feeling for me, photographing these little ones. My children are 3 & 1.5 and we are done. Although my kiddos are still so young, it seems like forever ago that they were this small and fresh. I almost can’t remember what it was like. I really never wanted to photograph babies but this year I discovered a love for it. Everything has changed since having babies of my own…its so cliche but so true.  I really struggled with newborn skin tones and lighting previously but I think this year I discovered a newborn style I am comfortable with.

Some of my favorite newborn shots from 2016



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