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This growing family was so much fun to shoot. 3 generations in one image. We met downtown Edmonton in Ezio Faraone park. There is something so amazing about that park, it is one of my favorite places in the city, the fact that the City dedicated this beautiful piece of land to a fallen Edmonton Police officer just makes it even more special. This shoot was in and out and quick and easy and very high energy. At one point, mom/grandma asked for a picture of her two younger kids. They looked at each other and said, “Hmmm what should we do? Mom wants a photo that’s “US” and not just a smiley one” after they sat there pacing in place saying hmm hmmm I suddenly got an idea. I shouted “follow me” and took off running. From behind me I heard, “Where are we going” and I replied, ” I dunno…to the bridge?” and ran over to the high level bridge.    Sometimes you go into a shoot with a plan and sometimes you don’t, but I have learnt you always have to be open for change and go with the flow. When you do that, magic happens.

Now booking into 2017. Please e-mail to book your spot! 




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