Baby Girl

Newborn photography is definitely an art form. I keep a list going of all my sessions so that I make sure I edit and deliver photos in the same order they were taken. Knowing this session has been moving up the list I have been trying to learn like crazy. I have been watching videos, reading, and asking questions in my photographer pages all in attempts of finding the best techniques to finish these photos without simply putting an instagram style filter over them and without over-editing. My goal for this session was for it to be simple & understated. Just baby-no frills or crazy props. I wanted it to be only about this amazing new little person not about the basket or  giant flowered headband. I was even lucky enough to convince mom to join in for a few photos so I got to capture that fresh unconditional love of a new mother. I’m so happy with how this session turned out. Maintaining true to my goal of “Capturing the beauty of an ordinary life”



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