Bowser definitely stole the show on this shoot! I LOVE dogs, I love photographing dogs, and I really really love photographing beautiful couples with large gorgeous dogs that I kinda want to take home. This couple was gracious enough to model for me in 2012 when I was just starting out…boy how my style has changed.  My equipment and software has gone through a few upgrades and over the last 4 years I have learnt sooo much!!!  I am so grateful so everyone who gave me a shot when I was just starting out and equally grateful for all the support I have now, starting into the world of genuine professional photography.

But enough about me….let get to the pup! I mean seriously how friggen cute is this dog? The is the photo definition of happiness right here…



Natually with a big pup like this you are bound to have some 101 Dalmation moments…


But when you take this pup and add in a gorgeous family and yummy fall colours….you get.. well see for yourself!




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