{Interest Session-Trains}

Well, my oldest kiddo is 3. It seems like yesterday I was waddling around praying for labour to come and now I have this amazing little boy on my hands. I really felt like he hadn’t changed that much over the past year…his interests haven’t changed much. He still loves big construction trucks and trains and watches most of the same shows he did a year ago. However, once I took these photos and compared them to last years interest session (which you can view here) I realize how much he has grown.

If you aren’t too sure what an interest session is…it is a themed shoot surrounding something the person loves. Last year it was trucks for my kiddo this year its trains. Tell me about your kids and their interests and leave the rest up to me.

The Details

(These images are available for purchase)

The 3 year old…

“I love you THIS much”

The Family

And Some Self Portraits…



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