A New Squish

Following my last post…there are 2 categories of photos I always swore I would never do. The first as I mentioned last time was weddings and the second was newborn. Newborns always seemed to fresh and bendy and breakable to me.  Newborn photography requires a good understanding of lighting, Photoshop/Lightroom, and your camera. It usually requires props of some form and last but possibly most important, newborn photography requires you to have an understanding of well how to do newborn photography. I kept this session really simple for two reasons (I want to keep my photography simple as a whole and two I wanted to just get my feet wet before really trying out some new techniques…baby steps). A large portion of newborn photos that you see on Pintrest, Facebook etc. are actually several photos strategically taken and layered. I will never forget having a discussion about newborn photography with a co-worker several years ago. She showed me a darling image of a brand new squish on a book shelf, cuddled up with some books that she just loved. When I explained to her “how” the picture was created and that there was no way a brand new baby could safely be left in that pose she was shocked. She felt newborn photos were all a giant lie and for weeks was talking about how misguided the whole thing was. Newborn photography is one of those things best left to professionals who have studied and worked with babies. It is for this reason that only now (about 6 years after starting Blam Photography) am I beginning to accept newborn clients.


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