{A Baby Shower}

About 7 years ago now (*Gulp* I kinda hope I did that math wrong…holy moly time flies) I was sitting in Spanish class at MacEwan University. I was cautiously sitting in the back row judging up the class. I knew there would be a lot of group work and was wondering who I would be … More {A Baby Shower}

A New Squish

Following my last post…there are 2 categories of photos I always swore I would never do. The first as I mentioned last time was weddings and the second was newborn. Newborns always seemed to fresh and bendy and breakable to me.  Newborn photography requires a good understanding of lighting, Photoshop/Lightroom, and your camera. It usually … More A New Squish

Just Love

I have to admit I have vowed numerous times in my life that I would never be a wedding photographer…too much pressure! Can I just admit this right here and now… I WAS WRONG I LOVE  Shooting weddings….so much so that I am antsy for the next one. I’m not certain what I was afraid of … More Just Love

Don’t Laugh!

I can’t remember the last time I shot a family with teens. Initially they agreed to the shoot but said there was no way I would catch them actually smiling. Well I did.  The jokes after this photo focused on my ninja fast camera wielding skills  as they were laughing when they thought I wasn’t … More Don’t Laugh!

Dang Mosquitoes!

Wowza we had a lot of mosquitoes this year! These guys were troopers! Between every shot we were all smacking ourselves and flailing our arms trying to get the mosquitoes away from us. But we got the shoot done none-the-less and I think the results are gorgeous. I often get asked what a family should … More Dang Mosquitoes!

By the Lake

A few years ago I photographed a wedding in British Columbia and this wonderful family was at the same table as me. There are some people in life that you just instantly click with and it was certainly the case here. We don’t live near each other but thanks to Facebook keep in touch and … More By the Lake