Archive {Little Construction Man}

My son is almost 3. Yikes!! When did that happen? Over breakfast this morning, my hubby and I were discussing the game plan for his 3 year photos (hint: its gonna involve trains!) and it got me thinking about how much has changed in the last year. At 2, he could talk but not very well. In fact, I was so worried about his speech for so long that we went to the Doctor and had some informal discussions with Speech Language Pathologists (thank goodness for amazing friends we got some techniques that helped his speech drastically). Over the last year, I have watched him grow from an uncoordinated little boy that would sit on the floor ramming his construction trucks together to a little boy that can climb anything and points out very specific construction trucks. Anytime we are driving anywhere I hear from the backseat, “look mom, a cement mixer…a backhoe loader…a dump truck.” They were all merely “construction vehicles” to me before but his love of big trucks has meant getting a lot of construction books from the library and I have learnt the names of everything right along with him.

This last year he discovered TV much to my disappointment. His first love was Paw Patrol…specifically Sky. From there he found Thomas the Train & Chuggington. Then Bob the Builder. Dora the Explorer came next. His current love is Curious George.  While I hate that he watches a lot of TV, I think it is unavoidable to some extent and I love that when he is having a bad day he can grab the iPad and cuddle up in his room and throw on Netflix until he is feeling better. It’s hard being a toddler and some days those big emotions are just too big.

He loves trains, little people, paw patrol toys and still loves his big trucks. Kiddo LOVE LOVE LOVES books and going to Chapters (so he can look at books AND play with the train table) is his absolute favorite. Anything to do with transportation gets him really excited!

2 was the year he became a big brother. It has been amazing watching him go from timid and unsure of his baby sister to being so loving and caring. He ensures that she has snacks and drinks. While he hates sharing with her, he always makes sure to give her another toy after stealing the one she is playing with. He loves her with all his heart and won’t go to sleep without giving her hugs and a big kiss on top of her head.


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