It’s about DANG time!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to photograph just the reception of this beautiful couple. Mr. & Mrs. Dang have an amazing story…they are one of those couples you read about that fall in love practically as children, grow up together and stay in love. After the engagement they starting hashtagging #itsaboutdangtime and I think this just goes to show their sense of humor and gives a preview of how amazing the reception was.

A few things really stood out to me as I was editing these images. First, the attention to detail. I have seen “Disney Weddings” before but the details in the centerpieces was amazing! Scroll through the images below and try and guess all the movies. Second, EVERYONE spent the entire reception smiling! I think it is natural to have some down time during a wedding but literally every time I turned around someone else was laughing…or everyone was laughing. I honestly think this was the happiest wedding I have ever been to, I have never seen so many people in one room smiling this much!! Third, the love these two have for each other is so evident and heartwarming. As you look through the photographs below, you will notice so many “stolen moments.” I aim to take as many candid shots as possible during a wedding, and every time I looked over, the bride and groom where gazing at each other, gently squeezing hands or sneaking kisses.

Anyone who knows Mr. and Mrs. Dang know they are the real deal! Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your big day. Wishing you the happiest of futures!


The Details

The Entrances, Speeches & Dinner

Cake Cutting & Stuffy Toss

Group Photos



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