{For The Love of Family}

My Portfolio Building Blitz has brought me down into the river valley a lot this summer. It never ceases to amaze me the amount that I completely take the river valley for granted. Being there (at least once a week now) is a powerful reminder to take a step back and remember how beautiful life can be. It of course helps that I had these wonderful families and 3 cousins that just adored each other to work with on this session. Some of my favorite photographs I have ever taken are in this session.  The sun was almost setting, the light was gorgeous and this whole family ought to be models! They were so relaxed in front of the camera, it was like they did this all the time.

There are a few photos from this session that really stand out for me, the “Feature image” on this post was taken near the end of the session. This little girl was a pleasure to work with and was all smiles the whole session. Near the end, I asked if she would like to take a picture with her Daddy…she ran out over and climbed right into her Daddy’s lap and curled right in…the result is arguably stunning.


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